OPES 2024 Muscat Oman

Апрель 25, 2024

OPES 2024 Muscat Oman

  • Large investments in the Omani Oil & Gas market.
  • Modern, sustainable, and high-quality solutions.
  • Shrinking resources of Arabian Gulf region countries.
  • Growing importance of European suppliers (such as Elhand).

This is a time when great emphasis is placed on long-term relationships based on partnership, trust, and universal values. All of those together make us feel Elhand is in the right place. This is how we can summarize OPES 2024.

More than that, OPES brought together over 80 companies from various countries. The latest achievements and innovations in the oil, gas, and energy sector were within reach. Topics that electrify the world: digital transformation, EOR/IOR, energy transition, and sustainability. Technical workshops and the Young Professionals Forum, where topics related to accessible, clean, and sustainable energy were discussed.

We would like to thank the guests who visited us, and above all, our partner, Technical Supplies International Co LLC, for the opportunity to meet at the Oman Petroleum & Energy Show 2024. We are happy that we could share common values such as quality, partnership, and innovation.

See the updated event report video below.

If you want to learn more about ELHAND solutions or deepen your knowledge, grab our oil and gas brochure here and ELHAND product brochure here, check our website here, or simply contact our experts.


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