Elhand Transformatory in its strategy of continuous development also takes into account various aspects related to the ethics of business activities. 
Accordingly, a Code of Conduct has been approved, which defines the rules and obligations with regard to business  activities. The Code covers the areas described below. 
As part of the activities, the principles listed below will be transferred to the suppliers of Elhand Transformatory with a recommendation to implement them and apply in their businesses.

Human rights 

Elhand Transformatory undertakes to comply with all applicable laws regarding human rights, regardless of where it operates. It also applies to non-acceptance of any activities that discriminate against them on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, political opinion, social origin, age, disability, HIV / AIDS status, trade union membership or sexual orientation. 
We are also committed to ensuring the right of employees to leave their jobs freely in accordance with applicable law, and we recognize the freedom of employees to join associations. 

Working conditions , salary and employment conditions 

Elhand Transformatory takes appropriate measures to ensure the health and safety of its employees. We make every effort to prevent accidents and we comply with all legal requirements relating to these activities. 
Elhand Transformatory is committed to complying with the provisions on minimum wages and working hours. We do not accept any form of child labor and we do not use forced or prison labor.

Environmental Protection 

Elhand Transformatory is committed to complying with national and international laws and regulations regarding environmental protection. We try to find ways to reduce the environmental impact through the appropriate selection of materials and technologies. 

Ethics of business activities 

Elhand Transformatory makes every effort to maintain the confidentiality of information about contracts, products and other data, unless agreed otherwise. We also comply with all applicable property rights laws and agreements. 
Elhand Transformatory does not tolerate bribery and does not allow any form of corruption, including offering, giving, demanding or accepting a bribe, illegal payments or other ethically questionable benefits in order to obtain or maintain cooperation. We accept legitimate business gifts of little value.

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