International Power Industry Fair -  ENERGETAB 2022

Август 24, 2022

International Power Industry Fair - ENERGETAB 2022

In September, all roads of the electrotechnical industry lead in one direction, to Bielsko Biała. Time for Energetab 2022. The largest energy and electrical engineering fair in Poland and a meeting place for world trade and experts. You cannot miss it!

Meet us at booth A 52 on September 13-15, 2022 to learn more about the latest trends and innovations in the electromechanical industry. Come and experience the power of Elhand solutions in different ways and with different senses, including taste!

Unusual solutions, tailored to the needs of our partners, can be touched and viewed closely. Elhand's team of experts with support and experience at your fingertips. Exchange of experiences, case studies, a group of industry enthusiasts and engineers are just a few reasons why it is worth visiting our stand at this year's. During the fair, we also planned to "test the power of Elhand solutions", which will surprise you ;)

We invite you to stand A 52 from Tuesday to Thursday.

See the summary from last year's ENERGETAB 2021 fair. Our CEO Adam Matera is the narrator:)


ENERGETAB 2022 is behind us, although the energy crisis was the backdrop of this year's fair, at our booth we focused on finding solutions. 
We discussed:
- trends, opportunities and challenges in the #energy industry,
- responsible business and investment planning,
- strong preparation of #Elhand and our partners for the future.

Watch short photo report from the event!


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