ELHAND Test Stations

Апрель 17, 2023

ELHAND Test Stations

Quality leads! It is the difference between being average or being number one. In Elhand Transformatory we always pay attention to the details, because anything which is worth doing is worth doing well.

Our extensive test stations are a planned activity that allows us to ensure the highest quality products. We have never looked for cheap solutions. We produce a top-quality product, and our customers appreciate it because they know that quality isn’t expensive, it’s priceless. 

That’s way Elhand products have no fear of time and this is our advantage.  Insignificant complaints  <0,1% of all orders are proof of it. 

Check how we take care of quality for you:

1. MV Test Station

  • HAEFELY Test Station (Switzland).
  • Testing Equipment of Tettex and Yokogawa production 

Testing capacity:

  • Up to 2,5MVA.
  • Max. testing voltage  – 100kV.

2. Faraday Cage | Anechoic Chamber 

  • The cage allows recording incomplete discharges for voltages up to 100kV in three phases simultaneously with background levels below 1pC.
  • Resistance to incomplete discharge (insulation quality, insulation test).
  • Testing Equipment of Tettex and Haefely production
  • The Anechoic chamber allows to measure sound pressure levels and sound power in 8 channels
  • Background voice level suppression – 40dB
  • Reverberation decay time – 150ms

3.  Lighting Impulse Test Station

4. LV Test Station

Equipped with:

  • Three testing stands
  • Heating test stand

Testing capacity:

  • Up to 1,6 MVA
  • Max. testing voltage – 15 kV

5. Reactor & filter Test Station

  • 100kW reactor and filter test station equipped with resistance-inductive load of 100kW/125kVAr
  • 400kW reactor and filter test station with energy return to the grid
  • Three stands for testing reactors with DC current impulse of capacity up to 4kA
  • More about our Reactor and Filter Test Station >>>

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